Any electronics recycler can say they won't dump your equipment in
a landfill or illegally ship e-waste overseas, but you never really know.
PC Disposal is 3rd party certified to be a responsible recycler.
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What is R2 Certification?

R2 certification is a set of requirements and practices which reviews and verifies that a company is properly disposing electronic equipment, along with ensuring worker health and safety and proper data security practices. This standard is supported by major electronics manufacturers, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state and local governments, and other influential environmental interest groups.

Why did PC Disposal choose to be R2 Certified?

There are currently two certification standards, R2 and e-Stewards. Both standards are recognized by the EPA, both require strict accountability for environmental health and safety practices, and both prohibit e-waste from being mishandled or illegally discarded overseas.

The primary difference is the value that R2 places on preserving natural resources by extending the useful life of equipment, parts, and components. R2 does this by allowing these items to be repurposed, when feasible, rather than destroyed. For example, processors in smartphones can be removed and used to make eReaders and controllers.

In the past, there was some concern that this goal of preserving resources could be exploited so that e-waste could be illegally discarded overseas. However, R2's newest standard R2:2013, allows recyclers to work with audited global partners when it is legally permitted by the partner country, and requires complete downstream accountability until final disposition or reuse.

PC Disposal recognizes the need to support a standard that does more to reduce the impact on our environment while maintaining strict health and safety standards. That's why we believe that the R2 standard is the better choice.

Why is it important to use an R2 certified recycler?

While most people only consider the positive environmental impact of using a certified recycler, there are other important issues to consider:

Legal and Financial Considerations

Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Act (CERCLA), the federal government is authorized to demand cleanup costs from all companies that are deemed to have contributed to environmentally hazardous situations. What's more, adhering to practices that were legal at the time does not provide immunity from future liability.

Fortunately, the Superfund Recycling Equity Act (SREA), offers a measure of protection for those who exercise due diligence when recycling electronics, and the EPA has recognized the R2 Standard & Certification as a responsible recycling method of managing used electronics products.

Publicity and Branding Considerations

The cost of negative press can cause irreparable damage to your company. Corporations, universities and government agencies have had their brand negatively linked to e-waste scandals by national media outlets such as PBS/Frontline, CBS/60 Minutes and National Geographic. Entrusting your assets to an R2 certified recycler minimizes your exposure to this type of damaging publicity.

Data Security and Liability

Extracting sensitive data from hard drives is easy — even if they've been reformatted. Regulations governing data security in banking, healthcare, retail and other industries make it imperative to protect the data of your customers and your organization after equipment leaves your building.

Using an R2 Certified company offers the following safeguards:

  • Facility security and mandatory employee background checks.
  • The best standards and processes for data destruction or sanitization of data sensitive devices.

PC Disposal offers extra layers of security and is the first recycling company to back its services with a $1,000,000 secure data removal guarantee. It's also the first electronics recycling firm to offer secure steel cages for transporting IT equipment to its processing center.

All of PC Disposal's security, disposal, and recycling methods are fully compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, FACTA Red Flags Rules and EPA rules.

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