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ProcessorPC Disposal mentioned in article about how it's better to hire an outside recycling firm than to try to negotiate the entire task yourself:

As a data center manager, you may be adept at creating a killer networking environment or implementing bulletproof security, but what about navigating local and state disposal laws for PCs? Or designing a new center that tackles issues related to cabling, cooling, and fire suppression? For many small to midsized enterprises, the expertise level needed to perform certain tasks simply isn’t in-house and doesn’t need to be. Few IT managers could justify having a design expert on staff or a cleaning crew on the payroll. But outsourcing such work is a different matter. Thanks to service companies that specialize in such fields, the jobs can be done expertly, and with some pre-job negotiation, often at an affordable price. Firms such as PC Disposal...have a range of options for cleaning out that equipment closet.

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