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More abandoned warehouses full of monitors found in several states

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Last time we wrote about how Jason Linnell of the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse said, “Lots of smaller recyclers are in over their heads, and the risk that they might abandon their stockpiles is very real.”

It hasn't even been six months and, as part of an investigation into CRT glass recycling markets, the industry publication, E-Scrap News has learned that recycling processors in several states have abandoned operations after charging CRT suppliers and filling up a handful of warehouses with more than 10,000 tons of CRTs and CRT glass.

One Denver recycler left about 8,000 tons of CRT glass, while a Yuma, Arizona recycling company left than 3,000 tons of CRTs and CRT glass.CRT suppliers from California and Washington, who work under state electronics recycling programs, sent CRTs to the Yuma recycling plant. For example, nearly 4,400 tons of CRTs and CRT glass were sent to the Yuma warehouses by 10 California-approved processors during an 18-month period ending this summer. None of the 10 firms are R2- or e-Stewards-certified.

The investigation by E-Scrap News suggests that the Arizona and Colorado situations are not the only problems in CRT recycling. Several industry players say a Maryland operator also went out of business, leaving a large quantity of CRTs. New York officials are looking into allegations that a Pennsylvania processor may be having problems moving cut CRT glass to markets.

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