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Why IT Consultants Should Partner with an ITAD Company

Learn how partnering with an electronics recycling company can boost revenue and enhance client services.
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As an IT consultant, you likely deal with outdated computers, broken printers, and obsolete servers on a regular basis. When it's time to refresh your client's IT infrastructure, what do you do with all that e-waste? Partnering with an Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) company is a smart solution for your business.

ITAD companies are electronics recycling companies that specialize in offering secure and environmentally responsible disposal of technology assets for companies and the government sector. Discover how these e-waste companies can help your business.

Meet Environmental Regulations

Proper e-waste recycling provides many advantages for IT consultants. First, it helps you comply with environmental regulations around electronics disposal. Improperly tossing old electronics into landfills can result in major fines. For example, the freight company Old Dominion Freight Line faced major fines for allegedly mishandling electronic waste – they agreed to pay over $1.3 million in penalties and costs to settle the allegations. Partnering with a certified e-waste recycler ensures you stay compliant and avoid costly penalties.

Protect Client Data

Electronics recycling also bolsters data security for your clients. When handling client servers, computers, and drives, you have a responsibility to keep sensitive information secure. Handing equipment off to a reputable recycler with verified data destruction provides peace of mind. E-waste recyclers should use National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) media sanitization methods to ensure data is completely wiped and unable to be recovered. By providing secure recycling, you protect client data and uphold your reputation.

Generate Revenue from Remarketing

Offering recycling services can even provide extra revenue for your business. Many recyclers will share proceeds from reselling computers and components. While laptops, printers, and peripherals may not hold much value, servers and newer equipment may some put some extra dollars in your pocket.

Make Even More Revenue as a Reseller

If you need equipment recycled on a regular basis, some ITAD companies will allow you to become a reseller. As a reseller, you act as a liaison between your clients and the recycling firm, arranging proper pickup and disposal of outdated computers and devices. The recycler handles logistics while you collect a commission, usually around 15% of the recycling fees, for each client you refer. This allows you to offer full IT life cycle management to customers. It also gives you a competitive edge over other consultants by providing an additional value-added service. With no warehouses or extra staff needed, reselling for an established e-waste company generates revenue with minimal effort.

Enhance Client Service

Electronics recycling also demonstrates quality client service. By providing a one-stop solution for refresh projects, retirement of equipment, and proper disposal, you simplify things for your customers. Clients will appreciate that you take care of all aspects of the IT lifecycle. Your business becomes their trusted advisor rather than just a piecemeal supplier.

Support Sustainability

Lastly, responsible electronics recycling benefits the environment. When e-waste ends up in landfills, hazardous substances like mercury, cadmium, and lead can leach into groundwater. Recycling prevents these toxins from creeping into local water systems. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing new equipment. By choosing a responsible recycling partner, IT consultants show they value sustainability alongside profits and client service.

Choosing the Right Recycling Partner

When selecting an e-waste recycling partner, look for certifications like R2, NAID or e-Stewards. These rigorously-audited standards ensure the recycler adheres to best practices like safe disposal and secure data wiping. Also verify how materials will be tracked and reported on. Logistics are key – make sure they can conveniently pick up equipment and handle transportation.

By partnering with a certified ITAD provider, IT consultants keep their clients' data secure, avoid regulatory headaches, benefit the environment, and even earn extra revenue. It's a seamless value-add to include in your services. Start researching recycling partners today and show your customers you're committed to their success from start to finish.


— PC Disposal has been helping companies properly dispose of IT equipment since 1998. As a NAID AAA Certified responsible recycler, we are the first ITAD firm to offer a $1,000,000 service guarantee and secure transport cages for equipment holding sensitive data. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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