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How To Securely Dispose Of Old Equipment

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InformationWeekA recycling article primarily focusing on data security for consumers when disposing of old equipment. PC Disposal is quoted several times.


Consumer interest in safely ditching data has been fueled by a steady stream of reports of personal records found on used equipment. In May, a German maker of disk erase and recovery software bought 100 hard disks on eBay and found them chock full of corporate and institutional data such as charge card numbers, pin numbers, worker evaluations, and court documents. Data destruction and certification has long been available to companies looking to jettison large amounts of used equipment. But making it affordable for home PC users and home businesses has proved to be a challenge. "We struggled for a long time trying to come up with something," says Kory Bostwick, president and CEO of LLC in Lenexa, Kansas. PCDisposal will destroy your equipment and send you a certificate confirming that the data has been destroyed or erased and disposed of in an EPA-compliant manner. "Consumers get the same level of security as Time Warner," says Bostwick.

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