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PC Disposal’s computer recycling reseller programs allow you to profit from the last stage of a new computer installation – removal of the old computers. If you’re a computer VAR, or if you have access to clients with a number of obsolete computers, you can now boost your bottom line by helping your clients get rid of those old computers!

Here’s how PC Disposal can help your business:

Become a true full service provider
VARs can now offer their clients cradle-to-grave computer systems service.

Gain an edge on the competition
By teaming up with one of the nation’s largest computer recycling firms, you’ll be offering a value-added option that can boost your ability to secure large orders and beat out competitors.

Save your clients time and money
When clients attempt an in-house disposal program, costs often exceed $150 per computer system! We’ll help your clients with computer disposal, resale programs to employees and even charity donation.

We’ll do the hard work
You won’t even need to pick up a single computer. We’ll arrange the pick up, packing, freight and delivery of your client’s systems from their dock to our warehouse. From there, we’ll manage the entire process according to your client’s wishes.

Nationwide service
Packing and pickup available from anywhere in the continental United States.

An easy way to boost profits
No need for warehouses or extra personnel. Our reseller program allows you to focus on what you do best. We’ll pay you 15% of the the disposal and recycling fees we collect directly from your clients just for selling PC Disposal’s service as part of your service.


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Announcing the PrivaCage™ secure equipment container!
PrivaCageAn industry first! PC Disposal is the first computer recycling firm to remove the weak security link when transporting IT equipment for processing.

Data removal is guaranteed!
Guarantee ShieldPC Disposal is the first computer recycling firm to offer a $1,000,000 service guarantee that your sensitive data will be completely removed or destroyed.

“I had the opportunity to visit the PC Disposal facility. I was impressed by operation and the great staff. I am very happy with the service.”

Romy Riddle, President
Ymor, Inc.