More than a layer of security, this cage will save you time and money.

Introducing the PrivaCage™ secure equipment container. When you order PC Disposal's Secure Plus™ Risk Management Disposal service, these cages will be delivered to your location. PrivaCages can easily be rolled from floor to floor and room to room, allowing your staff to securely move old equipment to your shipping dock for pickup by our company.

In the past, many companies would try to erase their hard drives before shipping them off to a recycling company. This was certainly understandable because data could be hijacked at any time between the equipment's original location and its final destination. Unfortunately, erasing or even reformatting a hard drive does not completely remove sensitive data and can waste many hours of precious time.

The PrivaCage offers a worry-free solution. By transporting computers in a locked steel cage, we keep your data away from prying eyes until the hard drives are thoroughly sanitized or destroyed. This saves your IT staff hours of valuable time.